Beef Recipes: Piquante Porterhouse & Steak au Poivre Vert

Piquant Porterhouse

A useful, stove-top, rather classy stew. Even though this steak is not grilled, a top quality cut, such as rump, porterhouse or rib-eye should still be used, so that the meat will turn out succulent and not stringy.


25ml oil

3-4 pieces (500g) steak

1 large onion, chopped

1-2 cloves garlic, crushed

1ml dried origanum

Pinch of thyme

25ml flour

100ml port

50ml tomato sauce

10ml Worcester sauce

5ml prepared mustard

15ml brown sugar

15ml brown vinegar

2 whole cloves

Salt and milled black pepper

Cream (optional)


Heat oil in large, heavy frying pan and quickly brown steaks on both sides. Remove and set aside. Lower heat and add onion, garlic and herbs. When onion is softened, mix flour with port and add to pan together with steaks and remaining ingredients. Stir to mix, bring to the boil, then turn heat down to very low. Cover and simmer for about 40 minutes, turning once. When steak is tender and gravy is thick, remove cloves. A dollop of cream may be stirred into the gravy if desired. Serve with noodles and a crisp salad. Serves 3-4.

Steak au Poivre Vert

Or Steak with Green Peppercorn Sauce – a richer and milder version of the popular Steak with Black Pepper.

4 thick slices (550g) fillet steak

Oil for frying

25ml brandy


Nut of butter

4-6 spring onions, chopped

15ml green peppercorns, rinsed and drained

200-250ml cream or sour cream (or half and half)

10ml Dijon mustard

Pinch of sugar


Smear base of a heavy frying pan with just a lick of oil and fry steak until done to your liking, turning once without piercing. Stand back and flame with warm brandy, shaking pan until flame dies. Salt lightly, transfer to platter and keep warm. Add nut of butter to pan and sauté onions. When softened, add peppercorns, cream or sour cream, mustard and sugar. Stir until just heated and well blended, then add any steak juices that escaped while it was standing. Mix well, pour over steak and serve at once. Serves 4.


Use a pair of tings to turn steaks or chops. If the meat is pierced, natural juices will be lost.

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