Creative Ways to Get Free or Inexpensive Wedding Flowers

Today many brides to be are looking for the most inexpensive wedding flowers possible. With a few tips and creative ideas you can have awesome wedding flowers on a very small budget.

There are several sources to obtain inexpensive flowers. The least expensive or free source is your own garden. Hydrangea flowers grow on small bushes that produce an abundance of flowers. They can be used alone or with a few florist flowers like roses to make stunning arrangements and bouquets.

Peonies are grown the same way, but have a shorter flowering season. They are very expensive if purchased from a florist, but can be free from your own garden or that of a friend or family member.

Just be sure to plan on cutting these flowers from mature bushes as newly planted ones do not produce many flowers the first few years.

Daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips are also easy to grow and make “free” bouquets. Just be careful when planning a wedding around growing your own flowers as Mother Nature can change the flowering time.

Carnations and daisies are the least expensive florist flowers, but with creative designs, they can be just a glamorous as more expensive flowers.

Greenery used in wedding flowers is just as expensive as the flowers themselves if purchased from a florist, but you can provide your own and save a fortune. Ivy, fern, boxwood, camila leaves, magnolia leaves, myrtle, lambs ear, and lily grass are a few of the most common types of greenery used in floral design. Cut from your own garden or ask friends to share cuttings. The greenery will last long after the flowers are gone.

Using rose petals instead of rose blooms is also a great cost saver. Try scattering rose petals on the table around the cake or around floating candles for table centerpieces. They make a very impressive display and are very inexpensive.

Use potted plants for the church, reception, and tables. Beautiful ceramic containers with small boxwood plants would make a great centerpiece for the tables. Try grouping several together with rose petals scattered on the table.

Of course small potted fern or any flowering plants can be used. Large spiral juniper can be used as a backdrop for the buffet table. Large potted trees look great down the church isle, on the church porch, and anywhere in the reception area.

Trees can be used in any season. During the spring and summer, the foliage makes a wonderful display. During the fall, the brightly colored leaves on a maple tree would add amazing color, and during the winter months, the bare branches could be flocked or glittered for a winter wonderland effect. Tiny white Christmas lights could be used on the bare branches to fill the room with a warm glow.

Battery operated Christmas lights can be placed in clear containers or crystal vases for table centerpieces, under tables to illuminate the table cloths, or in floral arrangements. Try incorporating them around the cake or candy displays.

Don’t forget the possibilities outside. Line the sidewalks, highlight tree branches and stair rails, or use large clear containers with battery operated lights.

Paris flea market chandeliers are available online and make an awesome focal display over a table or photo area. They too, can be lined with battery operated lights and candles.

If you want to use these ideas during an off season, there are several online sources that sell them all year.

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