Destined to be Divine Lovers!

This is a true story of a twin soul couple meeting under magical circumstances in a venue near London, UK.

The night before she met her future husband, a single mother was directed to an astrology website by a random e-mail. Her horoscope suggested that the next day would be a good day to meet “someone special”. She went to college as usual and on her return found a message on her answer-phone. It was an invitation to join a group of people at a pub she had never been to before. She decided to go.

Quite late a refined looking man entered the venue and came straight to her table. He had also been invited at very short notice by a friend and never been to the pub before. Although she did not know him, an intuition told her that he was coming from New York. She smiled in recognition when he mentioned that he had been on a meaningful trip to New York. When it was closing time he looked at her and said: “You speak my language”.

He called her the next day. They became intimate friends and lovers and the depth of their love inspired her to write a novel. Although they had always felt that fate had brought them together, it was not until a few years later that they received the most magic proof thereof.

She had been studying Energy Medicine and had connected deeply with an orange lily during a lecture on Flower Essences. Since then orange lilies had been her favorite flowers. She even began to dress in orange and friends referred to her as Orangelily.

As she had always loved his beautiful elegant hands, she chose a painting of his hand for the cover of her book. He had shared with her that all through his life people had been attracted to his hands in the strangest ways, and that he had joked before that one day he would become a “Hand Model”, which had now become true.

Later one day she was driving past the pub where they had met years before, and never been since. She had no memory of its name.

When she noticed the sign above the door she got goose bumps all over.

The name of the pub was: The Hand and Flower

They later held their wedding reception there!

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