Easy Fertilizing Tips When Caring For Knockout Roses

There are quite a few things to remember when you are caring for knockout roses as these are not just any type of roses but very unique ones. Knockout roses were developed by William Radler, an American biologist specializing in plant study. Radler was in the search for a disease-resistant rose and this is how the Knockout Roses came about.

Fertilizing the rose can be done regularly during seasons change and you may do so by following the manufacturer’s guidelines. No special fertilizers are needed but only those regular fertilizers used for roses are considered great for your roses. To get your fertilizer type and guidelines on how to specifically use your fertilizer, you may ask for a special brand from your local nursery or garden shop. You need to consider the climate conditions as well as the type of soil that you have in your garden. These factors may vary along with what type of fertilizer your will be using for your roses and how much plus how often you will be using it to your plants.

When caring for these roses, fertilizing it with compost or manure can be ideal and relatively cost-effective. But commercial fertilizers are also great because these have pre-mixed amounts of minerals needed for the growth and development of the roses. Generally, prior to fertilizing your plant, you need to know how often you should do it. For these roses, you can fertilize it when the leaves start appearing right after winter. You can sprinkle fertilizer granules around the plants’ base and cover it a bit of soil.

During evenings, you may cover your rose bush or during days when the temperature freezes. Although your roses will not die from extreme cold in winter, it is still best to protect it from freezing to much. Knockout roses do not need a lot of work with pruning but there are times when dead leaves appear as the plant grows. You will probably want to shape the bush nicely, so pruning is a good option as well. When the first blossom appears, you need to fertilize your knockout roses again. This will help the plant create a better looking flower because of the extra nutrients that were provided for it. Fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen are the best during the first feeding, during the post-winter days, and this is usually around April. Right after that, you may re-fertilize every month until October.

Most gardeners prefer to use the granulated form of fertilizers, which are very rich in minerals as well as trace elements, such as magnesium, calcium, iron and sulfur. These minerals will help in making your knockout roses healthier and more resistant to disease as the new season approaches. A word on fertilizers: Some gardeners love using balanced fertilizers that contain equal amounts of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. These are the most important plant food contents. The most commonly used fertilizers are those with 10-10-10 (10 parts nitrogen – 10 parts phosphorus – 10 parts potassium, or 13-13-13).

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