Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar – Your Effective Yeast Infection Home Remedy

Suffering from a yeast infection seems to be one of the major problems of men and women today. This condition mostly occurs in women, and pain and discomfort are always associated with it. Most of the time, itching also occurs. When you feel any of these symptoms, a good yeast infection home remedy would be the answer.

Two of the most effective remedies for yeast infection are garlic and apple cider vinegar. They are natural and require only basic ingredients from the kitchen.

Garlic is considered as a natural antiseptic. For a long time now, it has been one of the truly beneficial kitchen ingredients that is known to treat various diseases, and that includes yeast infections.

By simply eating garlic everyday, your body becomes an anti-yeast environment that the yeast would not be able to tolerate it. Garlic is also thought of as a probiotic, and could always fight bacteria and fungi.

If you don’t like to eat garlic, then you can use one clove of raw garlic and then simply insert it into the vagina. You can also chop garlic, place it in a cheesecloth before inserting into the vagina.

Aside from garlic, apple cider vinegar is also very good for treating yeast infection. You can either apply it directly or mix it with your bathwater. One thing though, you must be prepared for the sting if you choose to apply it directly on the affected area.

For your apple cider vinegar bathwater, all you need is ½ cup of this, mix it with your bathwater, then soak yourself in it. Stay for about 15 min at the very least. Doing this everyday can bring good results.

When you are using a yeast infection home remedy, you need to be patient and disciplined. You may also employ strategies and processes into making the whole treatment better.

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