Hiking The Sosebee Cove Trail

The journey to Sosebee Cove is a short loop trail that only takes 0.3 miles to complete and is located near the Eastern Blue Ridge and is intertwined with Blood Mountain’s 7,800 acre wilderness south of GA 180. The trail serves as a memorial to Georgia Forest Ranger Arthur Woody who had a significant role in the purchase of this cove. The start of the trail has a memorial marker that listed his achievements.

To get to this trail heading west from GA 180, check the north side where the trailhead is. At the cross point of US 19 and US 129 where Turners Corner is located, set off north to US 19-129 around barely 11 miles. Make a left turn onto GA 180 and then proceed to 3.1 miles approaching Sosebee Cove’s parking area.

The Sosebee Cove Scenic Area consists of 175 acres which is located within the Chattahoochee National Forest where old trees and several species of flora abound. The Sosebee cove is a boulderfield wherein the ecosystem provides one of the best views for nature hiking and photography. The trail consists of two interconnected short loop trails wherein the first loop is around 0.2 of a mile and the second one is just around 0.1 of a mile. There are no colored trail blazes around this trail as it is fairly easy to hike. Near the trailhead marker, you will notice a huge tulip tree.

To start the trip, just follow that footpath which initially makes a descent into a dual loop cove. Move along the wooden steps as it descents further to cross Wolf Creek through a footbridge and then to a couple of rock-hopping sessions. The trail can be taken just like the form of an infinity symbol wherein you can pass the middle section twice. The pathway then continues to cure to the right where a huge tulip poplar covered with moss can be seen. This section is moist which provides a good thriving ground for several wildflower species. You will also move past a second-growth forest as you then loop your way around to the start of trail.

In this whole trail, expect to see several species of flowers abundantly thriving all over the place. Due to the cove’s natural moist ground, flowers such as lilies, sweet cicely, sweet deely, orchids, and trilliums grow freely and bloom seasonally usually from March to May. This is definitely the haven for botanists and nature trippers who just want a good easy hike with the most astounding view.

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