Hoping For Good Tips on Tree Home Decor?

Decorating with a Maple Tree

One of the most beloved trees is the breathtaking maple tree. Maple trees are most noted for their maple leaf, which can be found on the Canadian flag. The leaf’s design makes it uniquely identifiable. However, the quality of replication in silk maple trees is outstanding. In terms of quantity, there are a lot more leaves on silk maple trees than most other silk plants. This helps the tree look lush and healthy, although those leaves will need to be dusted! One to two times a year should be often enough to keep the tree looking clean.

The Exotic and Eye-catching Bonsai Tree

Using bonsai trees as décor began in Japan The love that the Japanese had for the exquisiteness of trees led them to keep petite trees, like the bonsai tree, on display indoors. Today the tradition continues with many shapes and varieties of the tree. As you choose a bonsai tree for your own home or office, make sure you are aware of how much space you have available. The height of the mature tree and size of the pot are especially important with interior décor. Keep in mind that having an elegant pot or container makes a big difference! A pot or container is not just a holder for your plant, but should also enhance the beauty of your displayed greenery.

Making the Wedding Bouquet

Silk flowers are great for wedding bouquets. Most silk flowers are incredibly realistic and should look beautiful at the wedding. The most traditional bouquets are made from roses. This is actually a wonderful benefit, because the silk rose is probably one of the most perfectly replicated silk flowers that exist. Great bouquet ideas don’t have to be elaborate-many exquisite bouquets are simply multicolored roses formed into a ball shape, tied with string, and enhanced with simple leaves. Other more lavish designs have several different kinds of flowers or simple topiary designs, and some others have a very loose and modern feel. Make sure the bride loves your design! Yet another benefit to silk bouquets is they can be designed and assembled early, which allows you to get the bride’s approval.

Creating Attractive Wreaths

A lovely wreath on your door will tell visitors to your home something about you before they even step inside. Wreaths vary in many ways: the materials used, the shape chosen, the style emulated. To make a basic wreath, procure some silk flowers and a foam ring from a craft store or shopping center. Using some heavy-duty scissors, cut the stems of your flowers, leaving about an inch of stem below the flower. Insert the flowers one at a time into the foam ring. Strategically place them so that they are close enough to cover up the foam, but not so close that they look bunched or crushed. Your wreath will last a very long time if you use a hot glue gun to add small amounts of glue where the base of the flower touches the ring. Adding leaves or vines to your wreath works well for extra decoration or for covering up bare spots. You can choose to create wreaths using one kind of flower in many colors, or one color using many flowers-or a combination. Once the wreath is completed, hammer in a small nail to the top of the door and string up the wreath.

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