How to Make a Trio of Bruschetta

A trio of bruschetta can be a life saver when one runs out of ideas as to what to offer guests as they arrive for my dinner party. In the best will in the world your guests don’t arrive all at the same time and one has to have some small welcoming snacks as you serve your first round of drinks. Guests tend to ask about ingredients and from there the topic moves on to how they are made and before you know it conversations start and some dreaded silent moments are broken as the topic of food warms up as more drinks are consumed. Everybody loves a well made bruschetta as I serve them on small toast as drinks partners. I have also served them for lunch or light dinner in larger sizes and more generous quantities.


Grill slices of Bread, Rub gently with half a clove of garlic and drizzle with good quality virgin olive oil, then garnish with one of the following:

Tomato & Olives Bruschetta

Diced tomatoes

Olive Oil

Balsamic vinegar



To garnish

Rocket leaves

Pitted olives, quartered

Mix all above ingredients, spread over bread, decorate with few leaves of rocket and few olives.

Mushroom Bruschetta

Thinly sliced Mushrooms

Olive Oil


Crushed clove of garlic

Lemon Juice

Ricotta cheese


Mix the mushrooms, some of lemon Juice, oregano and garlic. Put in Oven for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and mix the ricotta, basil and the remaining lemon juice. Spread over the bread.

Proscuitto & Mozarella Bruschetta

Sliced Mozzarella 1cm thickness

Olive Oil

Slices of Prosciutto


Put the Mozzarella slice over the bread, drizzle with oil and a bit of basil. Put the prosciutto on top, Garnish with few leaves of rocket.

Off course at the end, you need to set up your dining table. Pick nice accessories and enjoy your meal.

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