How to Remedy Impetigo Within Days

For many people, although medications and other antibacterial creams are available to remedy impetigo sores, the best way to treat the condition is still the natural way. The following are just some of the popular and common home remedies for the management and quick treatment of impetigo, including the steps on how to make a complete impetigo remedy:

Use of Garlic

1. Crush a clove of garlic.

2. Apply the crushed garlic on the impetigo affected area.

3. Do the procedure daily.

Use of Tea tree oil

1. Prepare a few drops of tea tree oil.

2. Add the tea tree oil drops to a small pail of water or to a dipper of water.

3. Use the water to soak a towel.

4. Apply the compress to the impetigo sores directly, and do the procedure daily.

Use of Thyme Oil and Rosemary Leaves

1. Prepare ¼ cup amount of rosemary leaves and ¼ cup of thyme.

2. Mix both to at least 2 cups of water.

3. Simmer the rosemary-thyme-water mixture for 15 minutes.

4. Allow the product to cool.

5. Use to liquid mixture as an astringent and apply it to the sores and wounds with cotton balls to remedy impetigo.

6. Do the procedure daily, make sure that the mixture is fresh and the sores and wounds will heal in days.

Use of Turnip

1. Prepare slices of turnip.

2. Soak the turnip slices in vinegar or in rice water for about six hours.

3. Eat and enjoy them.

Use of Goldenseal

1. Prepare a goldenseal root.

2. Crush the goldenseal root until the goldenseal root powder is produced.

3. Mix the goldenseal root powder with some water to create a paste-like product.

4. Apply the paste on the affected impetigo area.

5. To effectively remedy impetigo, let the paste in its place on the affected skin area over night, covered with a bandage.

Use of Myrrh

1. Prepare some dried herbs of myrrh.

2. Mix the dried myrrh herbs with a lotion or any cream. Make sure that the cream is not alcohol-based.

3. Apply directly to the sores to remedy impetigo.

The use of traditional remedies to heal impetigo is not a new method. Many people have already relying to herbs and oil to remedy impetigo and other skin infections. In choosing between the affordable herbs and oil and the conventional antibiotic creams and other medications to remedy impetigo, the traditional method is the indeed better way.

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