Ideas on Starting Indoor and Outdoor Organic Gardens

The hobby of organic gardening is something that you can benefit a lot from. You can grow herbs that are free from chemicals and use them for cooking. You can improve the condition of the air inside your home, and you can also make the surroundings more beautiful. An organic garden can also be a stress-reliever. This hobby is also fun and something you can learn a lot from.

If you would like to begin having an organic garden indoors, you can choose from a wide variety of easily growing plants and herbs. Most of them are sold at your local nursery. You can also visit sites that specialize in organic gardens. You can have the products mail-delivered.

This article will tell you about special plants which you can easily grow in your organic garden.

Boston ferns are mostly placed by people inside their bathrooms or in greenhouses. This is because these plants love places that are high in humidity. They do not have to be fed so much; usually just once every month. A plant that is similar to the Boston fern is the English ivy. You can hang this on topiaries or place them in baskets. Peace lily is another plant that you can use to purify the air. All these plants can also beautify your house as they provide color to it.

You can add a weeping fig in your organic garden because this plant can live even if you do not care for it for a long time. If you want to have a decorative feel to your house, especially one tropically-themed, you can use the chamaedorea palm. It is easy to grow Chinese evergreen in organic gardens that do not get that much light. These plants are great for starters.

If you want to have a plant that is unique and can adapt easily, you can go for the cactus combo bonsai.

When growing herbs in your indoor organic garden, you have to take special care of them. Some types of herbs have to get six hours of sun exposure each day. They have to be on enriched soil and should also work with a great drainage system.

The most common herb grown in indoor organic gardens is lemon grass. This can be grown by placing a stalk in a pot with some water nearby. You can grow mint leaves and make great tea out of them, but keep this in a separate container because it is invasive to other herbs.

Chive is easy to grow because it needs less light. Bay and parsley grow very slowly but it is worth waiting for them since they are great to have around for cooking. Your organic garden can also features herbs such as rosemary, cilantro, basil, sage, oregano, and thyme.

Organic gardening is a great hobby that people will really benefit out of. You can search several websites on the Internet that not only offer advices on how to grow your organic garden, but may also be selling seeds online.

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