Is Garlic the Best Cure For Bacterial Vaginosis? – It Can Soothe the Irritations on Contact

Garlic is one of the best body cleansers to cure Bacterial Vaginosis; it’s effective and simple to add to your diet. It is the most versatile body detoxifier around and is cheap and always easy to find.

For hundreds of years garlic has been used as one of the best cures for ailments, especially in the countries around the Mediterranean. For centuries, these same people have used garlic as a cure for such an extensive variety of complaints and illnesses including feminine health issues.

Garlic is extremely versatile. It works well as an anti inflammatory, anti-fungal; anti microbial whether eaten cooked in a meal or applied as a topical treatment. The success in the cure and prevention of BV is astonishing.

Many homes will use garlic in cooking. It is a member of the onion family and is used in much the same way. Usually purchased fresh it can be chopped, grated or crushed to produce pungent aromas and essential oils.

If you are suffering from Bacterial Vaginosis, it can be used effectively as a topical agent to heal the irritations. And if you find the taste too strong you can crush a few cloves and mix it with mayonnaise.

One of the best ways to use garlic in the treatment of this infection is to wrap a clove in gauze and insert it into the vagina. Tie the gauze securely with a string and leave the string hanging out so that it is easy to remove the ‘parcel’. Add garlic oil to purified water or cider vinegar and use as a douche. This will act quickly to fight the harmful bacteria and eradicate the condition. Garlic oil can also be used to heal irritated skin and reduce inflammation. Because of it’s antiseptic qualities it can sting a bit so it’s probably best not to apply it directly on to the affected area.

Many natural health stores stock garlic vaginal suppositories. These dissolve in the vagina and help you recover quicker while eliminating the symptoms on contact such as discharge and the fishy odor.

You also have the option of trying odorless garlic tablets. They can be bought from most pharmacy and grocery stores that sell supplements.

Adding garlic to your diet is definitely one of the best cures for Bacterial Vaginosis and it has a quicker rate of success when combined with other natural remedies.

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