Lightarian Angellinks – Seraph Rose Aura’s Healing Energy

Have you heard of the Lightarian Angellinks?

Who doesn’t love angels these days? But who wouldn’t love connecting with the angels in a more powerful healing way?

Many people these days are studying Usui Reiki and other natural energy healing modalities for the purpose of healing themselves, their friends and family, and possibly working with energy healing clients.

However, once one has studied that traditional Usui Reiki healing material, many are asking what the next step is in their energetic, spiritual development.

Originally channeled in the late 1990s, the Lightarian Angellinks activations are beautiful angel activations and can powerfully activate your personal energy levels and invigorate your energy healing practice with fresh healing energy!

The Lightarian Angellinks are one particular series of powerful energy activations–powerful, felt connections with the angels.

Why not connect with the first angel in this series of Lightarian Angellinks right now? Take some quiet, deep breaths, feel your body grounded on the earth, and say these words: “Seraph Rose Aura, I now invite your presence into my body, mind, and heart right now. Allow me to feel your presence strongly right in this moment.”

Take some time right now to settle into this experience. Spend about 5 minutes right now just noticing how you feel. Notice any feelings of warmth coming over your heart center.

Seraph Rose Aura is not an angel that is frequently talked about, but “her” energy is a super high vibe, and is truly filled with unconditional love.

You will find your heart opening, and your feeling of being connected to the angels will greatly increase! (How do you feel right now?)

This process of opening and experience can be felt with the 4 Lightarian Angellinks Archangels as well: Archangel Michael (the angel of protection), Archangel Gabriel (the angel of pure angelic joy), Archangel Uriel (the angel of angelic beauty), and Archangel Raphael (the angel of Divine healing).

I have enjoyed being a part of this beautiful meditative journey with you–even in this short article!

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