Native Flowers of Germany

Germany has a climate which is favorable for the growth of wildflowers. Native flowers of Germany are popular throughout the world. Many of them are used as medicines for various types of ailments. People have tried to grow these flowers in USA as well and some of them have been successful also. However, others have failed to domesticate the flowers, which have now become known as noxious weeds in different parts of the USA. Some of the flowers native to Germany are mentioned below.


The Cornflower is regarded as the national flower of Germany. The flower is also known as “Bluebottle”, “Hurtsickle” and “Bachelor’s Button”. The botanical name of cornflower is Centaurea Cyanus. It grows on a plant with a soft stem and grayish green leaves. The flower can be found on the branches of the plant and has a bright blue color. The color remains bright even when the flower has dried up and due to this the flower is mostly used in dried flower arrangements.

German Chamomile

German Chamomile is commonly used to make herb tea. In appearance, the flower resembles the daisy, with its thin white petals, cone-shaped yellow mound and light green long stems. According to a legend Chamomile is one of the sacred herbs given to the world by the Teutonic God, Woden.

Summer Forget-Me-Not

It is a flower native to Germany but is grown in the USA as well. The flower has five purple colored petals and a white and yellow center. It grows in the summer. In Washington and Oregon, they are called noxious weeds but are grown as borders to fill in the gaps in pathways.


Edelweiss is called the “Queen of Flowers” and means noble and white. It has furry white petals and six yellow florets in the centre of the flower. It grows on high slopes. Thus, in the past, young men proved their courage and devotion to their beloved by climbing the mountains to pick Edelweiss.

Lily of the Valley

It is grown in Bavaria and is bell-shaped in appearance. It has a very nice fragrance and can be grown indoors as well. It is called the “Little Bell of May” in German. According to a legend these flowers were formed by Eve’s tears when she and Adam were sent from heaven to earth. In Germany, picking these flowers is considered to bring good luck to a person.


The Greenspire is another flower native to Germany. The flower grows on a tree, which is very large in size. It is small and yellow in color and blooms during spring. These flowers grow in clusters and have a very rich smell, which attracts bees.

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