Online Gift Basket Enhancements Create the Perfectly Unique Present

Often times gift basket shoppers will find the perfect online gift basket and wish to supplement it with additional items but are not sure what to get. Perhaps the basket itself is perfect except for a few items that just don’t send the right message (also remember that those allergic to certain foods appreciate them removed as well). With the diverse array of gifts packaged and made available, affordable additions, adding accessory items is easy.

Coffee and tea baskets allow for shoppers to add perishable and non-perishable items; depending on shipment locations. While a person overseas can not have a fresh cheesecake shipped to them, adding related items to coffee and tea baskets like baking mixes, cake pans and kitchen towels send the same type of item and ensure your recipient will enjoy fresh desserts.

Stateside recipients have greater add-on options. Those receiving coffee and tea gift baskets can often have their choice of cheesecake shipped with the basket. Cheesecake choices like amaretto and cappuccino help recipients savor coffee flavors and allow for customizable, food and beverage choices. If looking for a cheesecake flavor perfect for tea, consider a fruit-based cheesecake like cranberry.

Coffee and tea baskets can also have other accessory items added and delivered to your recipient. If sending baked goods is not a feasible option and your recipient is an avid gardener, consider sending flower mixes. These come in lilac, tulip and specialty flower varieties. Flower mixes provide hours of gardening enjoyment and once the flowers are ready, can be cut and brought in to add a colorful centerpiece; perfect for afternoon tea time.

Another option when sending coffee and tea gift baskets is to send cookies, cakes, or biscotti. These items can be matched to suit the user’s preferred tastes and are a complete snack item. There is no need to find accessory products and if there ever were two gift baskets made for each other, the coffee and tea, and cookie gift baskets are the perfect pair.

Customized accessories and additions can be created based on the recipient’s activities and food interests; which is why coffee, tea, sugar free, and gourmet gift baskets, whether given by themselves or combined with other items, are great gift giving choices.

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