Should You Send Flowers to Your Ex Girlfriend?

Should you send flowers to ex girlfriend? This is a very complicated question because it seems very awkward to send anything to someone who is no longer in a relationship with you. Furthermore, you may think that this gesture is already very outdated and corny, and doing so will just make you the subject of laughter. However, you must understand that there are no such things as outdated and corny when it comes to love. You must already know that women will actually appreciate whatever is given to them whether it is a jewelry piece, chocolates, and even love poems. But since you are giving it to a person who will not normally expect receiving something from you, you might want to consider a few things.

Should you send flowers to ex girlfriend? You can but you should consider the kind. Any kind will actually do because as they say, it is the thought that counts. However, since you are giving it to a very unlikely person, you should stay away from extraordinary and out of the box gifts. It will be best if you start off with traditional roses. Common sense dictates that it should be red, not blue, yellow, or black. For your next gift, you can try other species such as pink carnations and even a simple stem of daisy or calla lily.

Should you send flowers to ex girlfriend? You can do it but only if you do it once a week. Receiving any kind of gift in a daily basis will lose its magic because it is supposed to be special. If you are used to receiving one, it may seem like just any other thing. To make it special, try to send a bouquet once a week and at varying days. This can also be very advantageous for you because it will not hurt your wallet and you can think of other gimmicks that will come with the flowers.

Should you send flowers to ex girlfriend? Do it if you really want to be with her again. If you are sending out gifts to your former partner she will naturally think that you want to be reconciled with her. Make sure that you are consistent with your feelings so that she will not be confused as to your intentions for doing so.

It necessary that you take into consideration what she will think if you make these sweet gestures. So the answer to the question should you send flowers to ex girlfriend: you can but it depends.

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