Steps on How to Grow a Rose From Stem Cuttings

Roses are good symbols of love, purity, innocence, appreciation, joy, gladness or even simplicity. They have a wide variety of colours and looks. Roses can be red, white, yellow, pink and even blue. Each of the colours has representations and people can easily determine the real intent of a person who is giving a lady a bouquet of roses. Sometimes, the intensity of the feeling towards someone is also seen when they look for the unusual colours of roses. They simply mean that they have been exerting their efforts on it. Regardless of the colour, it is an undeniable fact that roses are always loved and adored by many people.

For this reason, many are striving to have their own roses in their backyards. One can actually grow roses from seeds but it is recommended that rose lovers use stems in planting. This is true since it will easily grow after three weeks or less, proper colour arrangement will be seen and it is sure to have quick rooting. Below are some steps on how to grow a rose.

First, take a healthy, long stem from any type of rose that you like. Cut it around 10 inches long or longer depending on your preference. Then, cut off any blooms on it since it will be taking away the nutrients that the stem will need for it to grow on its own. Also, never forget to get rid of the old leaves on the stem. If you already have enough number of stems, cut the bottom tip of each stem.

The next very important step that you must remember on how to grow a roseis to dip the tips of the stem into fresh water. This is helpful so that in the process of growing, it will not rot.

Then, prepare the flower pot and the topsoil. Wet the soil on the flower pot but ensure that it is not also soggy since it may have a contributing factor to the life of the plant.

When the planting space in the garden on the flower pot is ready, place the stem cuttings in the pot. Always remember to put it diagonally then slowly push it deeper to the soil. Be sure not to harm the stem in this process since if instances may arise that the stem is destroyed, you may not see it blooming because it may actually die.

After which is a test of patience for people who really devote their time on how to grow a rose.Roses are very delicate. Thus, they must receive good amount of water and a little but not too much exposure to sunlight. Just keep the soil moist and do not water it always. It may rot and die. If you will allow it to be exposed in the heat of the sun all day, then it will wither and die.

After a few weeks, roots will grow and flowers will bloom. So, turn your lawn into a mini- Garden of Eden right here on Earth.

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