All Aboard! This Is the China CCRC Express!

“It took more than one man to change my name to Shanghai Lily,” purrs Marlene Dietrich in Josef von Sternberg’s film 1932 adaptation of Harry Hervey’s book Shanghai Express. She certainly has her well-manicured talons sunk into more men than she can count in this exotic far-Eastern, chiaroscuro-cinematographic adventure. Among her fellow passengers on the … Read more

Recipe For Abundance – Flower Essence and Crystal Energy to Attract Prosperity

How would you like to boost your vibrational energy to attract more abundance and prosperity into your life? Use the energy of flower essences and crystals to assemble your own money magnet recipe! With up to 80 percent of Americans reporting financial stress (according to, it is quite likely you too are experiencing anxiety … Read more

Math Activities – One-to-One Correspondence

The concept of one-to-one correspondence requires two skills: (1) matching pairs and (2) comparing sets. Matching places two like items together as a pair while comparing determines which set has more or less. In these projects, the key is to focus on the language, emphasizing mathematical terms. Books to Read The following books teach one-to-one … Read more

Native Flowers of Germany

Germany has a climate which is favorable for the growth of wildflowers. Native flowers of Germany are popular throughout the world. Many of them are used as medicines for various types of ailments. People have tried to grow these flowers in USA as well and some of them have been successful also. However, others have … Read more

Five Butterfly Attracting Plants For Your Garden

What could be better than sitting outside, enjoying your garden, while beautiful butterflies circle you? Everyone loves seeing butterflies with their colorful wings and smooth flying, but you don’t have to leave catching a glimpse of one up to chance. When you’re planning your garden, you can select your plants with butterflies in mind, so … Read more