Success Story With Rose’s Knocked Knees

Rose was in a 4-wheeler accident at their 4th of July outing. She went head over heels as she rolled her 4-wheeler. She had multiple injuries that affected her left shoulder, back, hips and legs. Four and a half months later she was knock-kneed. Rose received two massages with a local massage therapist who helped … Read more

Rose Hall and the White Witch of Jamaica

Regarded as the most famous of Jamaica’s Great Houses, Rose Hall is popular not only for its impressive architecture, but also because of the stories told about the edifice. Located in Montego Bay, it highlights a stone base, plastered upper storey and panoramic view of the coast. Work on the mansion was started by a … Read more

The Advantages of Roses

Rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world since it is beautiful, fragrant, and can be found everywhere in the world. Because of its outstanding and popularity, it is often called “Queen of Flowers”. Well, we all know it deserves to be called Queen of Flowers as it contains a lot of … Read more

How to Revive Wilting Cut Roses

One the arts of reviving wilted roses is to prevent this from happening and this comes with prolonging their life for as long as possible after cutting. Care of cut roses Roses should always be cut with a very sharp pair of clean shears. If they aren’t sharp they will damage the rose’s stem by … Read more

Roses For Your Valentine

Make someone feel really very special this Valentine’s Day by giving them nature’s most elegant love-flower: the Red Rose. It is one of the most simple yet romantic gifts to give. But don’t get caught out, to ensure prompt delivery, call your favourite florist the week before Valentine’s Day. When you call, have the necessary … Read more