The Best Bass Fishing Lure That No One Is Using

Last summer when we went to the lake the first weekend in June, I got in my kayak and went to catch bass. I paddled to one of my favorite spots and grabbed my rod with the Silver Minnow on it. I always go out with four rods. I have them rigged with a Silver Minnow, a swim jig, a plastic worm, and a spinnerbait. I start with the Silver Minnow. You can cover a lot of water and fish it anywhere.

The place I went to had lily pads next to a dock. On my first cast, I caught a three pound bass. The second cast I caught a 5 pound pike that tried to rip the rod out of my hands, he hit it so hard. The 4th cast I caught a 4 pound bass. I caught all three fish in the same place in a matter of 5 or 6 minutes. There are days when I use only the silver minnow for my search lure. If the fish are active, you can’t beat this lure.

There are a hundred lures you can use to take bass. Most of them work periodically. Some of them work occasionally. Many of the best lures have been around for ages, and they still perform well. This lure is not popular with many bass fishermen, but it should be. The lure I’m speaking about is the Johnson Silver Minnow. It’s one of my favorites, and one of the most productive bass lures there is.

The silver is my favorite for bass. It comes in a few other colors; the others are better for pike fishing, but the red and white stripe also catches bass.

There are two prime reasons this lure catches so many fish. The first is it has excellent natural action that looks like a minnow swimming through the water. The second is it has tons of flash to draw fish from far away. Both things you want to attract more fish.

The Silver Minnow got its patent in 1923. The original version was silver. The lure is now available in several color varieties. It also is available in several sizes. My favorites are the silver, and the red and white striped. I like the 2 ½ inch and the 3 ¾ inch baits best. I also like to use a 4 inch twister tail trailer in black, purple or white.

I have been fishing for 50 years for many species. I have used the Silver Minnow from early in my fishing life. I forgot about it for a while myself because there are so many choices of cool looking lures. The coolest looking lures are not always the most successful lures. I used it again several years later and realized It’s a lure I need to use and haven’t looked back.

The Silver Minnow is so easy to fish. You cast it and reel it in. It creates all the action on its own. You can fish it slow, or you can fish it at a medium speed. The bigger lure has a wider wobble that works great when the water is warmer. The smaller ones are better in colder water with a tighter wobble. I have found that a slow retrieve works the best most of the time.

You can also fish it anywhere. This is where the Silver Minnow stands out. You can fish it from open flats to thick weeds, if it catches a weed you can rip it loose and keep fishing it. Thick weeds are where many bass hang out, and to catch them you need to fish in the thick weeds. You can also fish it in flooded timber, and it won’t get hung up.

The silver minnow is up there as one of the best pike lures there is, and a great bass lure. I even catch a Walleye on it occasionally. If you like to mix in catching nice size pike and Walleyes with bass, this is a great choice. I use the Silver Minnow as the go to search lure to locate the active fish.

Most bass fishermen use spinner baits most of the time as their fast casting bait to cover a lot of water. I was one of those guys for a while until I rediscovered the Silver Minnow. There is nothing wrong with using spinner baits, but try the silver minnow. It will surprise you how well it works. The Silver Minnow is a time-tested lure that has worked for close to 100 years. It’s still one of the best bass lures there is.

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