Top Ten Wine Bars in NYC

New York City is home to fun, food and party at all times. NYC is one place where you can actually have hard time deciding where to go, what to choose. Competition and top quality is true for wine as well. New York City offers the best wine bars that are open 24/7 hours serving you refined and addictive wine drinks.

Top bars of New York City include the following names.

Cavatappo: One of the most fantastic bars of New York City that has an outdoor seating and a refreshing décor with great atmosphere to relax and enjoy a few drinks. In addition, Cavatappo has grill for your pleasure.

WineBar: This NYC wine bar offers a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with an extensive menu for serious connoisseurs. Try them once and experience complete harmony and peaceful wine sips!

Morrell Bar & Café can safely be termed the top most elegant bar in the New York City. With over 2,000 selections, in-addition to 50 wine glass options, this bar is an ideal heaven for anyone who loves to sample fine wines and spirits.

Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar: Nothing is better than a decadent chocolate bar and heady wine glass! This is also an excellent spot to go on a date.

Metro Café & Bar: Bon appétit; This NYC offers you one of the most soothing eating and drinking experience. Here you can have over 100 and 21 flights.

Wine and Roses: One of the most stylish and chic bar of New York City this place is often targeted by the rich and famous, movie stars and television stars! Their specialty is best wine and food menu served in absolute elegance.

Felice Bar: This bar serves delicate Italian best s in utter chic and Stylish surroundings. Drinking a glass of here is a pure intoxicating experience!

Uncorked Wine Bar: This New York City bar provides ample delicious and sweet s in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Terroir Wine Bar: The friendly and peaceful atmosphere of this bar is a wonderful experience. This NYC bar treats you just right, as you should be!

Pudding Stones: This NYC bar offers you a large room to relax and drink some of the country’s finest and sweetest wines.

Other notable bars worth mentioning are Desnuda, Bar Veloce, Centro Vinoteca, Stonehome, Aliseo, Xai Xai and Bottega del Vino.

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