Versace Fragrances – Over the Years

Versace perfume has maintained and complemented the luxurious and elite class of their brand. Their first product was released in 1981, three years after the House of Versace was founded by the most revered Gianni Versace. The original Gianni Versace perfume was released in 1981 to represent the masculine edge for luxurious taste. With the release of this fragrance, it became a reminder for the status quo that men have luxurious needs just as women does.

With the help from different renowned perfumers like Lucien Piquet, Nathalie Feisthauer, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Alberto Morillas and others, Versace has established its fragrance base with 39 perfumes. This makes the brand one of the leading fragrances with the likes of Ghost perfume and women empowering houses.

One notable composition is the Versus Donna by Versace in 1992. With its floral-oriental composition it is one perfume you are sure not to resist. With fruity raspberry, gourmand and plum notes and spicy nutmeg, fresh bergamot, violet, orange and green accords, the top scent are a sure treat. The heart is dominated by tuberose, sandalwood, jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley. Based with iris, powdery vanilla, amber, musk cedar and benzoin, this is a sure floral-woody fragrance made for the romantic women which pairs well with the masculine Uomo fragrance for men.

One of the very dear fragrances to the founder’s sister, Donatella Versace, Blonde is one of the strongest scents in the Versace perfumes. Intense with seductive floral composition, it has the blonde-sweet notes of gardenia, Pitosporum flowers, violet, orange blossom and bergamot. The heart is still very floral with ylang-ylang and carnation. Benzoin, sensual musk and sandalwood rounds up the strong floral scents. Donatella Versace dedicates its name not only for blond women but also for those who are strong enough never to compromise her ways.

2009 gave us Versense – a perfume for women by the Versace perfumes. Energetic and fresh, it exudes the powerful sensual essence that is found in the woman. A call from nature, Versense can bring you from the seashores to a beautiful garden with its seductive yet sweet and passionate energy that is created by the fruits of the Mediterranean. Opening with Bergamot and green mandarin, and fig zest, it leads you to the heart where you will find sea lily, rare flower aromas, jasmine petals and cardamom. You will be fully smitten with sandalwood, cedar, sensual musk and olive wood.

Versus of 2010 encompasses the different sides of a woman. From the nurturing delicateness to the rough and disciplined toughness, these are all to be celebrated by the Versus fragrance. Re-introducing itself from the 1992 fragrance, this new Versus relives and celebrates the strength that the women behind the Versace perfumes and Versace house had since 1995.

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