Wedding Flower Designs and Tips on Finding a Great Decorator

Making the Wedding Bouquet

Regardless of who you are in relation to the bride, you may be overwhelmed by the task of assembling her wedding bouquet. However, using silk flowers can make your job much easier. Most silk flowers are incredibly realistic and should look beautiful at the wedding. The most frequently used flower in a wedding bouquet, real or silk, is the rose. Some of the simplest bouquets are the prettiest; your bride may be enchanted by a spherical bouquet of multicolored roses garnished with greenery. If you are looking for something less traditional, you can change the species of flowers, use a few topiary elements, or change the overall design of the bouquet. The bride, of course, should be presented with a bouquet that she will adore. Since you are using silk and not real flowers, you can prepare the bouquet long before the wedding day and ensure that it is exactly what the bride wants.

Decorating with Silk Tulips

Silk tulips are definitely in the top five in terms of popularity for silk flowers. Tulips’ shape and petals make them very distinguishable. Tulips can meet a variety of home decor needs. Tulips are unique in that they are not stuck in a certain classification in terms of festivities or a particular time of year. In contrast, roses belong to the world of romance and appreciation, and should not necessarily be used for other decorative purposes (such as a “just because” bouquet). Because of their long slender design, tulips require very little space to occupy and to beautify. Tulips arrangement placement within a home can be very flexible as they work very well as backgrounds for more elaborate flowers, or can stand alone if desired.

Lessons to Learn When Shopping for an Interior Decorator

Although interior decorating can be fun, there are so many principles to a well-decorated home that it is often wise to rely on a professional. Since financing your decorator can be a task all of its own, we recommend you shop around before you choose one. Because interior decorating is so based on your own opinions, it is important that you get samples, ideas, and possible references for the interior decorator. Interior decorators should have a book, a website, or a pamphlet showing their previous work with other clients. Also, asking the interior decorator for referrals from past clients is always a good idea. You will want to ask past clients about the type of service that they received, the creative ability of the interior designer, and the promptness of the work completed. Guidelines such as these ensure that your interior decorator will have exactly what you are looking for.

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