Weeping Rose Tree Do-It-Yourself Pruning Tips

A weeping tree rose, or more commonly called as standards is a collection of selected and various rose varieties grafted into a tall rose stalk. It is in turn grafted to a robust rootstock for stability. There are several measurements and heights for tree rose trees and the most common range would be four feet or perhaps taller. There are different ideal species and kinds that can be used as rose standards and the list includes climbers, hybrid tea roses, miniatures, climbers, and the more preferred shrub roses. Additionally, it must be pointed out that those roses with a natural trailing can actually be very gorgeous and ideal as weeping floral display.

Now in having a pretty plentiful and attractive weeping rose tree, there’s a definite need for pruning knowledge. But it actually does not take an expert to be good at the same. You just have to follow these simple do-it-yourself pruning tips:

Basic Facts and Information

The concept of basic rose pruning applies to the pruning a weeping rose tree as well. This stuff is particularly very easy to do and you will realize later on that even a newbie or starter like you can do it in no time.

The first thing you must understand is you need to remove and get rid of deadheads, or simply saying, those dead and spent flowers. You must do this regularly in the entire duration of the growing season. Next, gather some fresh-cut roses by clipping the stem back making sure there’s an outward facing bud in a forty five degree angle. You must as well guarantee to remove dead as well as dying canes in order to keep the area clean. Additionally, those canes that grow in the wrong direction must be removed as well in order to make sure the roses will be healthy all year round. And also, don’t forget to do pruning annually as soon as there is new growth in the spring.

The Things to Use

In pruning a weeping rose tree, you only need the most basic tools like shears. The usual bypass pruning shears perform with a scissor-like action using curved but very sharp blades, the purpose of which is to enable cleaner and uniform cuts in the process. Remember that it is always better to use bypass shears instead of the anvil-type when you plan to prune roses. Another important tool for pruning is gauntlet gloves. This time, the purpose is very obvious, which is to protect the hands and arms from the rose thorns, which in turn can lead to certain types of fungal diseases. Other than the two, you might as well need goggles for eye protection.

Some Final Thoughts

Finally, bear in mind that in pruning a weeping rose tree, there is an essential requirement of adjusting the usual pruning techniques in order to get the utmost benefits. Aside from ensuring annual pruning with emphasis on removing and getting rid of dying and dead canes, you must also consider shortening the remaining healthy canes to a height of two up to four inches for the purpose of keeping the plant from making itself too heavy.

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