What Flowers to Give on Your Next Anniversary Instead of Roses

Is your 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th wedding anniversary on the horizon? Great! So what flowers will you be giving? Red roses, again? Here’s the rub; you really should not. Not least because it is one of the things that can make her wedding anniversary really, well, predictable.

Giving the same dozen red roses year after year may seem like the height of romance to you. It probably did to her — at least for the first anniversary (or two). But five years on, doing exactly the same as last year, well that is not romantic. That does not show much imagination. In short, it shows a complete lack of effort!

Worst of all, there is no excuse whatever for giving roses every anniversary, because there exists a ready made list of customary alternatives. Years 6 to 10 are listed below, along with some useful facts and mythology about the flowers. This information gives you a real story to tell when you are explaining across the restaurant table why you gave lilies or poppies. When she hears it, she will think you put even more effort into her anniversary.

Calla Lily – flower for the 6th wedding anniversary

Calla Lily is a vibrant and beautiful flower that instantly brightens up any part of the house. The symbol of eternal femininity and purity, its graceful trumpet-shaped white blooms make it the perfect 6th anniversary flower. The colour white has long been associated with purity and innocence, making Calla lilies the enduring choice of flower in a wedding bouquet.

Jack-in-the-pulpit – flower for the 7th wedding anniversary

Jack-in-the-pulpit is a dramatic hooded flower in a vivid shade of green with dark markings, making it a highly unusual flower. Also known as the Indian Turnip, the flower is ideal for the infamous 7th anniversary year which is surrounded by myths and legends!

A Meskwaki Indian legend has it that a seed of the flower dropped in a cup of stirred water would determine the fate of a sick person. The seed swirling around four times clockwise was a positive sign; but less than four times meant death was at hand.

Clematis – flower for the 8th wedding anniversary

One of the main ingredients for a successful marriage is ingenuity or resourcefulness. Life keeps throwing surprises in a marriage and the wife who adroitly deals with them ensures the longevity of her marriage. Symbolising this very admirable quality is the beautiful star-shaped whitish flower known as clematis. The name ‘clematis’ is derived from the Greek word ‘klema’, which means vine branch or vine-like.

Clematis was also known to the Romans and Germans, who, however, viewed it with totally contradictory eyes. For the ancient Romans, the clematis vine snaking up the walls of their houses symbolised protection from thunderstorms; the Germans, on the other hand, believed the clematis would attract lightning.

Poppy – flower for the 9th wedding anniversary

It was the Romans who introduced poppy into England. The 9th anniversary flower symbolises remembrance and comes in radiant white, yellow or orange colours. Historians have even discovered poppies in Egyptian tombs – making the flower more than 3000 years old! The orange-red flower was believed to possess supernatural powers by the ancient Romans, who used the flower for witchcraft and for healing love wounds. The ancient Greeks used poppies as love charms and they believed that the flowers symbolised fertility, health and strength.

However, a touching story regarding how the poppy flower came into being can be traced to the Napoleonic Wars. After World War I, the battle-scarred fields in Flanders mysteriously filled with poppies overnight. This gave birth to legends that suggested the brilliant orange-red hue of poppies came from blood-soaked soil in which it grew.

Daffodil – flower for the 10th wedding anniversary

Poets have written reams on them, they have inspired entire generations of painters and continue to a powerful symbol of friendship. Daffodils – signifying rebirth and new beginnings – are a great 10th anniversary year flowers. The 10th year is the first of the many milestone anniversaries and daffodils signify the beginning of another brand new decade. However, do remember to give daffodils in a bunch as it indicates joy and happiness – a single daffodil portends a misfortune.) Interestingly, again it is the Romans who brought daffodils to Britain, mistakenly believing its sap to possess wound-healing properties.

Hands up everyone who noticed the distinct lack of roses! They do not actually make a showing in the anniversary flowers list until slot 15. So, no excuses now, ditch the roses and give something a little more daring on the floral front this wedding anniversary.

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