What Your Favorite Flowers Says About You

Do you know what your favorite flower says about you and your personality?

Forget about horoscopes… flowers provide amazing insights about you and your loved ones.

Carnations: Tradition is very important to you. Your down-to-earth attitude and innate ability to keep confidences makes you one of the most loyal and trusted friends. As a result, you are always surrounded by loved ones who come to you for guidance.

Daisies: You notice things others miss. For example, the different shades of pink in the sky as the sun sets, the hint of sadness behind someone’s smile-which means you are a natural at drinking in all life has to offer.

Iris: You tend to get bored quickly with day-to-day routines. In order to maintain your great vitality and creativity, you need to follow your inspiration wherever it may lead. You thrive and prosper in jobs and situations where you are your own boss.

Lily: You are a nurturing person. In fact, people are drawn to you. A few words from you can make people feel worlds better. It’s no wonder many say you would be a great therapist! However, you shouldn’t feel like you have to ease everyone’s troubles; your caring alone accomplishes more than you realize.

Roses: You are the kind of person that will bring the romantic side out in the opposite sex. You are also the kind of friend who gets called first with news-big or small. Despite your wide social circle and busy agenda, you have a secret need for alone time and you will sometimes even feel a little shy.

Tulips: You thrive on change. You are always dreaming up some way to improve yours and your family’s lives. But just as a tulip blooms in the same spot each year, deep down inside, you are often content with what you have.

Roses, of course, take on deeper meaning according to their colors.

Red roses stand for love, respect, and courage.

Yellow roses indicate joy, gladness, freedom, or friendship.

Peach or Pink roses symbolize appreciation, admiration,or sympathy.

White roses usually pertain to reverence, purity, innocence, or secrecy.

Send Orange roses to express fascination, enthusiasm, and desire.

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